Use the slides below to set up Perfacilis Mail Account on your iOS device.

The last two slides are only if you experience issues with sending and receiving e-mail. These slides help you check if your settings are correct.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and click that item.
  3. Choose Add Account….
  4. Scroll down and choose Other.
  5. Choose the top Add Mail Account option.
  6. Enter your name into the Name field, your full e-mail address into the Address field and your password into the Password field and tap next.
  7. Ensure IMAP is chosen as the account type and scroll down to the Incoming Mail Server settings.
  8. Use for the Hostname field and ensure your full e-mail address is used in the User Name field. Then scroll down again.
  9. For the Outgoing Mail Server section, again use and your full e-mailaddress for the Host Name and User Name fields respectively. When clicking Next your e-mail should be set up.
  10. When incoming mail doesn't work, ensure port 993 is used and Use SSL is enabled.
  11. If sending mail doesn't work, ensure port 587 is used and Use SSL is enabled.